You have reached this page because you were attempting to access one of MyAdZoo's 89 free submitters. Unfortunately, the good folks at MyAdZoo have decided to stop maintaining the submitters and they have requested that we keep these submitters online so their valued customers can continue to use them at no cost. We here at Global Ad Solutions are more than willing to accommodate MyAdZoo's honorable request.

In order for us to purchase new leads and maintain the integrity and responsiveness of the lists we require everyone to sign up for our mailing list in order to receive updates, announcements and program information. Your access to the 89 free submitters will be terminated if you unsubscribe from our mailing list.

You will also be required to sign up for a unique username and password, your access will be terminated if you share your log-in information. Your log-in information will be sent to the email address you use to register. Please note that your welcome email will more then likely end up in your junk mail folder. Be sure you check there before writing to us for support.


The Global Ad Solutions Team

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