Hello Fellow Marketers,

We're making some changes to the system. We've upgraded the submitter script, introduced new advertisment opportunities for you and sped up the backend so you'll retain the good delivery rate while speeding up the actual submission time.

I want you to understand that you and I have a contract, I agree to provide you with ad submitters that you can use for anything you want as long as it's child friendly. In turn you agree to be on my mailing list and to read my ads.

I'm not trying to be an @$$#073 about it, but I buy leads for $10k for 30M general audience double opt-ins. I have no problem buying leads for you guys and gals but when 800 of you are on the mailing list but there are 4500 people or more using it then there's a problem. See the image below to see all the people that are actual members, then you have the people that bypassed the login and never signed up on my mailing list.

So in closing, if you want to continue using the new 200 free submitters then you'll need to be on my mailing list. I hope and pray that one day you might decide to buy something. 8-)

If you sign-up for the mailing list and it says you're already in their system then just use a different email address and then unsubscribe the old one later.

Thank you,

Matt Wells / Owner
Global Ad Solutions (USA)